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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD):


Life has unpredictable circumstances that can leave us feeling out of control. Many times we need help getting beyond the trauma to move on with life. If you avoid certain things that remind you of your traumatic events, if you have nightmares or flash backs of a traumatic event, if you are jumpy and anxious in situations where everyone else seems to be at peace, you might have a brain imbalance needing medical attention.

For some the anxiety overcomes the ability to think productively. They complain of a brain fog which can be helped often by a nutriceutical brain enhancing supplement like:

Huperzine- Evidence suggests that patients with PTSD who have taken 400 mcg Chinese Club Moss Extract (Huperzine A) have improved general cognitive function, global clinical status, functional performance, and reduced behavioral disturbance compared to patients taking placebos.  Some effects from this disease is a loss of acetylcholine-containing neurons in the basal forebrain. This suggests drugs inhibiting cholinesterase, which breaks down acetylcholine, could increase the ability of remaining cholinergic neurons.  Scientists know that Huperzine A can block acetyl cholinesterase and it can work both in the peripheral and central nervous systems. In appropriate candidates, Huperzine can boost brain power to reverse the brain fog associated with PTSD.

For others, medication is needed to manage symptoms or a support group is helpful.

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