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About Dr. Garrett Halweg

Dr. Garrett Halweg began a quest for improving brain health at the completion of his residency from University of Hawaii, Queens Medical Center in 2003. He headed up a private practice in Southern California working on common disorders like depression, anxiety, and ADHD.


Dr. Halweg survived multi-system organ failure because of a Leptospirosis infection from a local waterfall in November 2013, which prompted a renewed interest in optimizing physical health and mental awareness. This experience taught him lessons that shaped his life and now wants to share his story with others.


Patients enjoy his warm personality and competent guidance through difficult times.


Dr. Halweg’s forward thinking approach to psychiatry means that the patient is looked at from a whole person perspective. Our brain health depends on not only our genetic makeup, but also our physical health, environment, spirituality, and social network. 

Come share your journey to optimum brain health with Dr. Halweg.

Meet Dr. Halweg and his Staff
Garrett Halweg, MD

The psychiatrist extraordinare!

Miss Parker

Miss Parker is our Labradoodle Therapy Dog at Garrett Halweg, MD. She's looking forward to hanging out with you at your appointment. 

Aja Halweg, MSc

Aja is the Clinical Director at Garrett Halweg, MD, and is happy to get you scheduled and answer any questions you may have.

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